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Aug 27, 2017

UMI-SACHI panel discussion

Right after the Munakata International Conference on the Environment (MICE), the UMI-SACHI Promotion Conference invited Dr. Valdemar Prado and Ms. Liliana Bucur for our panel discussion.

They told us how they got impressed by MICE and made the following remarks:

The momentum in Munakata to protect the environment is excellent. We would like to share this information to UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) and other UN organisations. At the same time, we are happy to share with Munakata information about similar local activities happening in the world. The synergy should create new ideas for the better global environment.

The UN supports faith-based organisations. We should create strong movement for the better environment by asking experts and community people to work together. We need to create solid structure to realise this point. The system of enabling coexistence between humans and the nature for a long time by making humans show awe and respect to the nature was originated in Japan historically, and this should be delivered to the world as a new framework to change the world. We should continue our efforts and try to establish a new paradigm.
There are two important points regarding this paradigm shift: 1) To take concrete actions, and 2) to implement publicity of the actions in parallel so that people in the world would know our efforts.

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