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Our mission・・・

We will take over past efforts made by the Munakata International Conference on the Environment, make them more solid and sustainable, and further advance our activities to the whole Japan and the world.
More concretely,
‘We will cooperate’: We will create the place where governments, enterprises, citizens, community-based organizations (CBO), etc. can gather and work together (also, expand our activities to the whole country of Japan and abroad).
‘We will conduct surveying and research’: We will carry on surveying and research regarding ‘UMI-SACHI’ and its relevant topics such as natural capital and coexistence with the nature.
‘We will educate and bequeath’: We will offer a place for people to assemble and learn about ‘UMI-SACHI’ and its relating nature conservation (or coexistence with the nature).
‘We will protect and nurture’: We will directly carry out environmental protection activities for promoting ‘UMI-SACHI’ and its linked natural capital.
We will establish the above four mission pillars and conduct activities by realizing the organizational structure that is financially and technically sustainable for a long term.




目 標 「世界遺産の地、宗像の海を50年前の海に取り戻す!」

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目 標 「筑前宗像の海の知恵を、世界の海の持続可能性と管理のモデルに!」

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目 標 「電動船で切り開く海の環境保護と利用の両立!」

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目 標 「デジタル・ハリウッド大学大学院出身の藤井翔が「宗像」を撮りカンヌを目指す!」


After finishing a film directing course at UCLA Extension, he has been working on many projects, including feature films, short films, music videos, TV shows and commercials all over the world. He now creates films as well as a promotional film for Panasonic, Fashion Show at Paris Collection and PITTI Uomo in Italy, “Gunkanjima island” for the city of Nagasaki and Corporate videos for Sony, Prudential and Konika Minolta, etc...
■Official site: http://www.shofilm.net/project_sho/
■The work: http://shofilm.wixsite.com/goldfish

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